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​The practice of innovation is not about creating new products but rather creating solutions. DAI has made a priority in taking an under used industrial  waste product and re-engineering it into a solution that fits or answers an existing issue. With that, we are pioneering new markets that were previously non-existent. We believe that  with quality and drought focused products, we will pioneer the "Drought Gardening" market. 

With the current global water and hunger crises becoming a slow rolling apocalypse, it is imperative to conserve the resources we have and utilize products  that help rather than contribute to the problem. All of our products are made from industrial waste and use 100% natural ingredients with the focus on feeding the microbiology in the soil. With healthy soil microbes, the chances of growing a productive garden increase significantly.

Insta-Cubes Instant Compost Tea

Compost Tea is an effective traditional gardening tool to enhance growing by giving it to your plants. Currently, if you want compost tea you either make it yourself at great expense, time and learning curve or you purchase a concentrated compost tea that ranges $30- $45/gallon.  

The Insta-Cubes are the first and only shelf stable, inexpensive and easy to use compost tea cube on the market today. Simply drop the
Insta-Cube into hot water. Stir until dissolved and put the concentrated tea with 1 gallon of water. By using the Insta-Cubes as a weekly feed for vegetable gardens, flowers, bushes, shrubs, and trees, you will notice a healthier and more productive plant.

​The “Feed the Soil, Soil Feeds the Plant, Plant Feeds You” philosophy is well known by experienced gardeners. Pure compost teas produce amazing results. 

Insta-Cube Instant Compost Tea's act as soil conditioners and not nitrate fertilizer. They are comprised of composted cow manure, worm castings, green compost and other natural ingredients that have all been proven beneficial for soil microbiology. This is a more efficient and lightweight solution compared to carrying a 50lb+ bag of cow manure.

There are four different varieties  of Insta-Cubes: Cow, Green, Worm and Super.
Upon exposure to water (preferably hot water), the Insta-Cube dissolves instantaneously and you are now left with a compost tea concentrate that can be added to 1 gallon of water. This 1 gallon will provide feed for 8-16 plants at a time. Each package contains 10 cubes giving each package the potential for 10 gallons of compost tea.


Primordial Powder

Primordial Powder is comprised of all natural ingredients performing just as nature intended. Ingredients include: composted cow manure, aged green compost, organic sucrose and additional trace minerals. Once introduced to water, the product instantly dissolves making for an immediate feed for the soil microbiology. Primordial Powder can be used as a drop and water or mixed in for a tea of foliar spray. This product is engineered to be applied in house plants, garden beds, large fields, parks, lawns and large feeds. This product is available in a 1 lb. bag and 4 lb. bag for the retail market. Primordial Powder is also available in industrial size intended for larger growers, golf courses, school campuses and municipalities.


Natural Way Pellets

Natural Way Pellets are composed of the same materials as the Insta-Cubes. The pellets are used as a broadcast for large fields, parks, lawns or flower gardens. Natural Way Pellets dissolve instantly upon contact with water making them the best conditioner for large landscapes. Broken down, the physical composition of the pellets are finer than powdered sugar. The benefit of this breakdown is an immediate feed as the pellets are instantly absorbed into the soil. Natural Way Pellets are sold in 5 gallon buckets, 5 lb. bags, 1 oz. packets and 2,000 lb. ton tote bags. Call for industrial quotes.



"Rapid Root Deliver System: RDS" - For water delivery directly to tree and shrub root balls

"Garden In A Box" - Which uses the amazing  Drought Ring technology.